Some topics are universal while others are regional.  Immigration, taxes, military, and pro-life have a global relevance.  Issues concerning farming practices, Local Government Aid, and Native American fishing practices have more of a local importance.  Within this page, I will try to set forth some initial thoughts in relation to local and global talking points.  Feel free to disagree.  Feel free to agree.  Feel free, dare I say, to change your position based on sound logic and principles.  My worldview did not just spontaneously appear - nor did yours.

Below I have listed 12 key issues which are stated in brief first, and then more fully beneath:
















My first friend from another country was Lee Vang from Vietnam. I was in 3rd grade at Lincoln Elementary School in Green Bay, WI at the time.  This was my first introduction to an immigrant.  Lee was my friend and I thought it was cool that he came from another country.  We often walked the few blocks to school together. 

Through the years, I have met many thousands of immigrants.  My opinion of immigrants has been positive.  No person from any other country has created turmoil for me or my family.  My feelings have remained largely the same over the decades.  What has changed for me is understanding the reasons they come to the US.  One guy from Laos told me his story and what horrific things happened to his family before he was able to escape.  Another man came for religious freedom, since he converted to a different religion which was not accepted by his family.  When he went home for a visit, his life was taken by relatives.  Other immigrants are trying to improve their lot in life and so make their way to America.

The problem that I see with immigration has little to do with who comes from which country (not including countries known to harbor, train or encourage terrorism).  The issue is really with those who illegally enter America and receive the benefits that are only appropriate for those who have gone through the immigration process in a lawful way.  My friend, Ernie, is an honest Filipino and would be a great candidate for immigration and, eventually, naturalization.  The US has more than 50 legitimate reasons for visiting America or living in the US for some length of time.  Those legal adults who broke the law in order to enter must be dealt with differently than those we refer to as DACA people.  The children who have come illegally to the US while underage or who were born to parents who illegally entered the US, have committed zero crimes, have demonstrated honest effort in academics and have made positive contributions to their communities should be dealt with in a thoughtful and understanding way.  This problem developed over the course of many years and the immigration policy on the books was not followed and/or enforced as it should have been.  Now we must undo years of wrong.

As far as Chain Migration is concerned, we have seen some serious short-comings in the way the system has worked.  Everyone who immigrates to our great nation wants some or all of their  family to join them at some point.  We need to encourage family reunion that happens in a fully vetted and legal manner.  Chain Migration as it operates currently must be seriously curtailed and reformed.  What has happened all too often is that the system has made a way for family members to come into America without proper paperwork, vetting, background checks and enforced immigration regulations which are already on the books.  Once a member of the family made it into America, the whole family had a way of coming on the coattails of that initial family member.  This must stop!  We are a nation of Law & Order and must take any reasonable and actionable steps to ensure only LEGAL immigration happens.  This is not merely doable, it is crucial to making America great again!  Together, we can!


Our own daughter, who we adopted from the Philippines, immigrated to the US in 2011. We went through the entire process legally, and our daughter adds a lot of good to this great nation!




Growing up in Green Bay, WI, I was surrounded by farming from an early age.  Before I entered Kindergarten, a farming family befriended my family.  They are the Fischer family and they ran a dairy farm for many years.  This was my official introduction to farming back in the 1970s.  When I got older, they hired me for a fair amount and gave me an unforgettable experience.  Through the ensuing years, I have maintained close contact with this amazing family.

Agriculture may be unfamiliar to more people today then ever, but it is no less important than it has ever been.  I support agricultural practices that do no harm to any person, animal or piece of land.  We depend on those involved in agriculture more than most realize.  In an age where everything at the local grocery store is packaged and presented so nicely, there is a great need for non-ag people to appreciate and become at least familiar with how food goes from field to farm to factory to fridges.

When I am elected to replace Rep. Collin Peterson, I will continued to support agricultural efforts throughout CD7 and Minnnesota.  You are an important piece of the puzzle.  Just keep believing that together we can.

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Can't live with them, can't live without them.  But they could be simplified much more.  There are ways to save money that make sense.  To be sure, the US Tax Code could be greatly abbreviated.  The tax forms have become somewhat simpler, but with a complete overhaul (perhaps elimination) of the Tax Code things could be simplified significantly.  There have been good ideas about how to do this for years, but for political reasons they have been suppressed.  Educating people properly assures freedom will continue.  We must take responsibility to raise the lid in our own lives while encouraging all of America to seek the truth on all issues of importance.

One potentially great idea is the Fair Tax.  It would eliminate the 7 levels of taxation, allow households to be as frugal or lavish as they wish, slim down the governmental work force, simplify taxes in dramatic fashion, and streamline the necessary paperwork/data entry.  Another idea to flesh out is the Flat Tax.  It would simplify across the board.  The truth is that there are no easy paths to simplify the Tax Code, but with good counsel, good sense, and good motives it is more than possible.  Simplicity will lead to greater effectiveness.  People from both sides of the aisle have strong opinions.  If we elect people who are putting the best interests of the people they represent out front, then we will see more willingness to work together, more bipartisan efforts, and more results showing the populace that their voice is being heard.  Building bridges when possible is head and shoulders above burning bridges we may need to cross later on.  We must reform taxes a lot more.  Together, we can!




I am Pro-Life completely!  From the moment of conception, life begins and should not be intentionally ended for any reason.  Being Pro-Life means that I will always defend those children still in the womb who are unable to defend themselves.  Every person on earth has intrinsic value which should not be brushed aside with mere words, laws or procedures.  It's a voice, not a choice.

I fully support the efforts of groups akin to Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life (MCCL).  We have a moral obligation to fight for the child's right to see the light of day and experience whatever life has for them.  It is important to value women who have life within them AND to value those developing persons inside what should be the safest place on earth.  

In this world, bad things happen to all of us.  Really bad things happen sometimes to women who are just living life.  Some of them become pregnant due to a crime committed against them by a stranger, friend or family member.  Bad is always bad.  The life that begins to grow inside them is a separate issue from the actual crime.  God created reproduction to function a certain way, even when evil people abuse this process and transgress boundaries.  But the developing child in the womb had no part in the crime.  Each child beginning to develop is actually and completely innocent.  They did not ask to be created under nefarious circumstances.   They just are.

I can speak with authority on this issue because I am an abortion-survivor.  Yes, you read that correctly.  When I was very young--about 1-2 months in my mom's tummy--my mom felt the pressures of life and thought she had no other option but to terminate the pregnancy.  She went to a clinic around March of 1969 and was going to receive the needle which would have delivered a lethal dose of saline solution and ended my life.  But she could not handle the idea of that big needle, so she quickly left the place filled with other young women waiting to end their pregnancies.  About a week or so later, she contacted a doctor who provided her with pills that would terminate the pregnancy in 3 days by causing detachment of the baby (i.e. young Jayesun) from the uterine wall.  She began taking the pills Day 1.  On the second day, she did not feel right physically or emotionally.  My mom stopped taking the pills sometime in the afternoon of the second day.  Some days later, she had a lot of pain and began hemorrhaging.  She thought I was gone, and for good reason.  After a couple more months, her tummy began to grow somewhat.  There was no movement until around the 6th month.  Finally, I kicked her tummy and she was greatly relieved.  I was still alive.  I survived!  I love life and have been the source of hope for many people throughout my life.  My life counts.  I had no way of communicating--no voice--as I was developing, but I can speak now--I have a choice.  I am grateful my brave mom was not successful in her moment of desperation.  I am thankful to be alive.  My life is valuable.  All life is created by God and has intrinsic value!  I am pro-life.




The farms of Congressional District 7 in MN need our support.  There are many issues to consider in our ever-changing world.  Government regulation should be as unrestrictive as possible and government intervention should be as unobtrusive as possible. 

Corn, soybeans, sugar beets, wheat, barley...these are some of the most important crops for MN.  Pork, poultry and dairy are also super important to the economy of the Midwest and for raising revenue through exports.  It is important to listen to those who have (barn) boots on the ground and have an intimate knowledge of how things work.  I support the farmers of MN and, if elected, will do everything in my power and within good reason to help MN farmers be successful and productive.

There are new export markets that are awaiting a FTA.  All agreements must be in the best interest of America and fair to both/all parties.  We are the most generous nation on earth, but we can ill afford to excel at incompetence in our dealings with other nations.  I support every and any FTA which puts the interests of America first and does not do violence to former agreements or current practices.  If the agreement conflicts with another commodity market, we need the resilience necessary to work through the issues and do the right thing for MN and America.  Together, we can!




The "RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS" is a fundamental right which should be protected and defended. When liberal activists are up in arms about some act of gun violence, they want the public to think that guns are the problem. People who have evil desires or those with a mental illness commit heinous crimes in any way possible. We cannot dictate the conscience. We cannot force people to be decent and law-abiding, but we sure can uphold the rule of law. We cannot afford to weaken or abolish the rights of the American people to bear arms in a pretense of modicum or taking the moral high-ground. We must never surrender freedom because there are those who would abuse the same.

I do not support HR 3999 which limits gun accessories and modifications. Guns have never gained the level of AI. Guns do not kill humans; humans kill humans. People use all sorts of implements and/or weapons to end the life of another. A few years ago in China, a man could not gain access to a gun, so he grabbed a butcher knife and attacked and killed some school children at an Elementary place of learning. What we learn from this is that evil desires create evil deeds. We cannot deprive Americans of their "right to bear arms" simply because some misuse the very same right. We have to get back to the point we were at in the past when discernment was used more often and when common sense was still common.

More liberally-minded people seem to think that getting rid of guns or severely limiting access to fire-power will reduce carte blanche violence and murder. The human heart cannot be legislated. Morals are choices people make for good or bad. We need a strong country that is not knee-jerk reactive, but uses our freedom responsibly. And when some among us do not behave properly, the government (i.e. police and military) does not bear the sword in vain.



Our military has the opportunity to make key changes that will ensure viability for years to come. The $650+ billion to fund our military in 2018 is a lot of money. The personnel in charge of the direction we are going, the priorities we must engage in, the technologies we are developing and the military engagements we find necessary to be part of have a huge weight upon their able shoulders. There is no doubt that, by and large, our troops are dedicated and worthy of respect. It is with a great degree of confidence that I support the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard! The veterans who have served our country and been in harms way need our continued support and encouragement.


The military might of America is recognized around the world. I fully intend to do my part in Congress to ensure that this stays true. This is the very spot where the atomic bomb was loaded onto the plane which then headed toward Japan and the history books. We have come a long way since then.

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National Security must be a top priority! We cannot allow our thinking to become stagnant or careless. While it is true that most people who come to America do not possess the means or the desire to destroy our amazing country, we must never grow complacent at any point. The enemy comes in many different ways. We have to contend with Islamic extremism on one end of the spectrum and cyber attacks on the other. We know that God has blessed America tremendously, but this is not a license to become lazy or fail to remain alert. Those who are part of the team which protects America need to be supported and to remember what sacred trust they have been given. We face threats to our peace and safety from within and without. The danger that a small number of visitors/immigrants pose within our great country is no small matter. If even 1 American citizen is killed by a non-citizen, it is unacceptable. We cannot be okay with any collateral damage from within our borders! The dangers from without are a real and present danger. This calls for the utmost diligence and preparedness from our three branches of the military, including the Marines and Coast Guard. Our top-notch military, along with some incredible men and women in NGO positions, are doing a great job to prevent terroristic activity and mitigate those few aberrations that have come our way. We need to stay strong, to stay united and to stay committed to the motto, "In God We Trust." For without the Divine hand of Providence, we are, indeed, without our strongest defense. Together, we can!




How America relates to other countries of the world matters.  The customs of the nations vary significantly as does their way of thinking about foreign policy.  The cultures that are most like our own are typically easier to understand and we can make great progress when we deal in a respectful and mutually-agreeable fashion.  Some States are completely different and it is a wise America that does everything in its power to build a bridge that will endure.  

American is an exceptional country amongst the many nations.  This great nation was founded on the belief that "all men are created equal" and are given by God Himself rights that cannot be taken from them, such as "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."  Most other countries of the world do not even pretend to be founded upon these principles.  The blessings that are given to us come only when a nation humbles itself and relies on "our Creator," who lends breath to all people on this home we call earth.

There exists, however, a tension in foreign policy: America must take care of its own first and foremost, and yet America is compelled by Moral Law to lend aid when and where we can alleviate suffering, persecution and/or oppression.  This tension is often the source of contention in the realm of politics.  Can we get past it at some point?  It depends wholly on the willingness of all parties involved to be focused on what the right thing to do is.  We need to get back to the place where we, in America, can agree to disagree in a respectful way.  We do not further our cause as a nation by being divided.  The nations which see united States which put what is true and best ahead of personal or special interests will know that they must respect our sovereignty.




The roads and bridges of America are indispensable!  Businesses, the military, and families depend on them day after day, year after year.  We need to empower local governments to maintain the infrastructure in their communities and reduce the interference of the Federal government.  The $1.5 trillion needed to repair and replace the infrastructure of America is a major commitment, but an indispensable aid.  The local government is best suited to assess the need and determine the cost.  I support the loosening of restrictions, the streamlining of processes, and the effectiveness of allowing local governments to make their own decisions.

We need not wait until crises occur before we take care of business.  There is no better time than the present to work for the good of all Americans.  Let's get those bridges fixed, those roads built to last, and the other infrastructure elements up to snuff.  When we handle this area well, it makes all our personal lives smoother, our businesses run better, and our government more responsive.  "We the people" must do our part and "consent" only to that which brings our nation together and improves the lives of all Americans.  Together, we can!




America is blessed with incredible access to the best doctors and healthcare professionals in the world.  Our facilities and equipment available are far superior to most others around the world.  Health insurance in America is a challenge for many within our borders, and it is not an easy thing to manage, reform or fix.  It is my view that the Federal government can, perhaps, help in certain ways, but should never take on the full burden of ensuring all Americans or forcing every American to be insured.  The "Mandate" is over and Obamacare is on the mend.  Completely replacing the ACA is going to be a process.  Steering a huge barge is no easy task and it takes time, effort and sustained energy to turn things around properly.  The 435 House members and 100 Senate members have an important job to do.  




Prosperity is what all people on earth want.  Prosperity is impossible, however, when "consent of the governed" is not a priority.  Other nations want what America has, but our prosperity came at a very high price.  Millions of Americans fought for our freedom over the course of many years.  Many made the ultimate sacrifice--their lives.  Freedom is not free.  It never was and never will be for any people.  

But prosperity is so much more than having more toys, and shinier ones at that.  The stuff that we have is a mere reflection of the real prosperity that we enjoy.  Alexis de Tocqueville said years ago, "Not until I went into the churches of America and heard her pulpits flame with righteousness did I understand the secret of her genius and power.  America is great because America is good, and if America ever ceases to be good, America will cease to be great [emphasis mine]."  True prosperity can never be divorced from God's favor and God's ways.  When nations practice God's ways (i.e. honest dealings, compassionate outreaches, and respectful interactions) without consciously putting Judeo-Christian values into practice, they naturally see positive results.  If nations practice honoring "our Creator" who created all humans, they too can receive God's favor.  

America is the greatest country that has ever existed!  Better than ancient Babylon, Egypt, Greece, and Rome.  Stronger than England, France, Spain, or the Ottomans ever were.  America is a place that many peoples wish to be.  We want to share the blessings we have received with others.  With a continued dependence on God, America will continue to experience prosperity for years to come!  Together, we can!