In the coming months, I hope to meet many of you in Congressional District 7.  While traveling throughout the beautiful countryside, you can let me know your concerns and allow me to learn about your neck of the woods.

I am delving into the issues that matter most to Minnesotans both on the campaign trail and beyond.  Here is a brief synopsis of my platform:

  • IMMIGRATION: Illegal entrance into the US is NEVER acceptable!

  • 2nd AMENDMENT: The "right to bear arms" must be upheld and defended!

  • NATIONAL SECURITY: It should be "America First" and compassion for oppressed!

  • MILITARY: The world's greatest military should remain #1, at all costs!

  • AGRICULTURE: Fair trade deals, support for all commodities and greater cooperation!

  • THE "WALL": Build where it’s needed, hire more CBP agents and use proper technology!

  • GOVERNMENT: Keep the Government as small as possible! #StatesRights

  • HEALTHCARE: Deal with ACA, allow competition and return dignity to Americans!

  • 1ST AMENDMENT: Remember, it's Freedom of religion, not freedom from religion!

  • PRO-LIFE: Intentionally ending a pregnancy is always wrong! Life begins at conception!

  • ISRAEL: America must stand with the nation of Israel always!

  • ENTITLEMENT REFORM: We must care enough about Americans to raise the bar!

I am in it to win it!  With your support, we will get things done for the good of all MN, and especially CD7.  An ancient saying goes like this: Fear nothing that can be learned.  This is one of my mottos.  Everyone who steps into Congress for the first time experiences the uniqueness of that amazing 200+ year old creation.  The experiences I have had prepared me for anything that can be thrown my way on Capitol Hill.  


My primary motivation for this endeavor comes from our Creator Himself.  God has guided me thus far.  I am strongly motivated by love for family, love for this community in MN, and love for my country.  I want to serve others as their MN Congressman and see things improve through my teamwork with other great men and women in Congress.  Together, we can!