Grace Christian academy
saipan, MP


Saipan is a beautiful island about 1,000 miles East of the Philippines.  We enjoyed this tropical island assignment from 1997-2000.  Michelle taught 2nd grade and I taught various subjects to JH & HS students from various nations. Note: The object on my shoulder is a blue starfish which was returned to the ocean moments later.

Family worship assembly
black river falls, wi

BRF me standing on stage with guitar youth service 2003.jpg

In July of 2000, we began in Black River Falls.  Michelle taught Kindergarten and did a number of things to aid Jayesun and the church.  Jayesun helped the church out with all things youth.  During these years, Jayesun brought groups of teens on international mission trips to Mexico (twice), Denmark, South Africa, and Russia.  Stateside, the youth group went to Young Life Workcamps in New Hampshire and Tennessee, and served campers with various disabilities at Camp Daniel in Athelstane, WI, for several years.  Jayesun volunteered his services at the local nursing home, in the public schools and throughout the community.  The fruitfulness of these 4 years has extended into the next decade in the form of life-long friendships with many.  Jayesun believes in building bridges whenever and wherever possible, and will continue to do so in Congress as he represents MN CD7 around the beautiful state of Minnesota and in Washington, D.C.  Together, we can!

Asia pacific theological seminary
baguio city, philippines


Jayesun earned an MA Theology degree and a Master of Divinity degree (2006).  Both Jayesun and Michelle taught dozens of students from other nations English in differing contexts and went on many trips throughout the country helping the Filipinos.  There were Medical Missions trips where we assisted doctors and nurses, trips where we visited Filipino Colleges/Universities bringing the Book of Hope, and trips where we gave aid during disasters.  Jayesun also taught courses at Luzon Bible College (LuBiC) and Asia Bible College (ABC), along with seemingly endless speaking engagements, Conferences, Seminars and impromptu events throughout many Provinces from Kalinga in the far north to Bukidnon in the far south on Mindanao. 

Seeing under-developed or developing countries on TV is one thing, living there is completely different.  Giving to a charity helps you feel good inside, but seeing those in need of charity every day and continuing to do what you can is completely humbling.  Our time in the Philippines changed us for the better and helped us to see the stark contrast between wants and needs.  It is this knowledge in combination with all the other training and life lived that will enable Jayesun to make a significant impact in Congress.  Together, we can!


Grace & mom & dad six months around Christmas.jpg
Nothing of great value is accomplished without a great deal of effort.

July of 2006 forever changed our lives.  Through a 4 1/2 year process, we got through the adoption in 2011 and brought Grace to America.  It was one of the best decisions we ever made and one of the most difficult challenges faced together.  It is akin to pushing a huge boulder up a steep hill.  You know you cannot stop pushing without serious consequences.  And you can see what looks like the top of the hill the whole while, even though it seems to go on forever at moments.  It's kind of like Congress.  People labor for years and sometimes see little true change, but to let the boulder slow down and stop is quite unthinkable.  We need tenacity mixed with insight and compassion as laws are being crafted.  It is such tenacity that runs deep inside of me.  I, Jayesun, will show this same commitment to the fine people of Minnesota as I represent them both here in our District and in the halls of the Capitol.  Together, we can!

Windom Assembly of God
Windom, MN


In September of 2012, Michelle and Jayesun landed in Windom.  The church was in transition and needed some encouraging tweaks here and there.  For the past 5+ years, we have grown with the people attending and have developed some great friendships.  We were able to see some outdated pews replaced with new chairs.  Brunton Architects did some visionary work for the church and provided professional drawings which will be realized in several phases.  The first phase is to replace our church sign and rename the church.  This has taken a while, but is well under way at present.  We will be updating the sanctuary and removing the drop-ceiling, which will give the entire place a much grander ambiance.  The excitement is building...literally.  The changes are in motion and the leadership of the church is exploring fresh direction for this new year.  Together, we can!


Jayesun has been very involved throughout the community.  For the past 6 years, Jayesun has been substituting in the Windom School District (ISD-177) and knows the Administrators, Teachers and Staff.  Jayesun, a licensed minister since 1994 (Ordained since 2004), has also been pastoring Windom Assembly of God Church.  In his spare time, Jayesun teaches Adult Basic Education (ABE) for people from various countries who live in and around the Windom area.  Jayesun is privileged to be a Hospice Chaplain in town and connect with residents and their families when end-of-life issues are facing them.  And finally, Jayesun was Alderman-at-Large (Mayor pro tem) 2017-2018 and will continue to serve the fine people  in Windom however possible until elected to the US House of Representatives in November of 2020.  Jayesun has already begun his campaign to win in Congressional District 7 (MN) and will prove to the good folks in CD7 that voting for him is the right thing to do.  Together, we can!

One can never consent to creep when one feels an impulse to soar.
— Helen Keller